“I was 21 before I even considered having sex.”

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Growing up, I wasn’t the most confident person socially, but I was incredibly confident intellectually. This lead me to be an introvert for most of my childhood. Once I got to highschool things changed. I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin, and the older you get that translates into confidence.…

Improve your Blog’s Reach

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To improve your Blog’s Reach try these Hashtags. If you forget them, they are on my sidebar. Add them to yours so your followers and friends will know as well. ? Much Love, Success, and Respect Ronovan © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovanwrites.wordpress.com 2015

More Details on Publishment

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Okay, for those who do not know, I dabble in poetry, short stories, novels, etc. This is not including my dabbling in Etsy and jewelry making. Any way, I got the details of my contract and I am officially in the third volume of Mirrored Voices : Best Contemporary Poetry.…

TJS Old to New

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TJS Old to New The link above is to my Etsy shop. Which opened June 7th, 2015. Currently I have handmade jewelry for sale. All made by me. Later I plan on adding Crocheted toys, dream catchers, and a few other crafts that I think people will enjoy. I…


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They’re tiny, they’re toony, they’re all a little looney! The calendar has flipped to June 1st, the pizza has been ordered, the fireworks have been going off, and I am more excited than Porky Pig at a comedy club. It’s here, kids. It’s here. The best holiday that no one knows…