Who the Hell is Moxie Luster?

Ingredients that makes Moxie Luster…Well Moxie:

  • A sprinkle of randomness
  • A dash of whimsical
  • A tad of chaos
  • A handful of glitter

  • Join me in my whimsical blogging journey full of humorous, inspirational, ambitious, and let us not forget SPARKLY writing. Sometimes I go off on tangents when blogging, it is so hard to stay focused sometim- Oh a butterfly, so pretty. … What was I saying, oh yes. I also like to blog about topics that may or may not be socially acceptable, or perhaps embarrassing for some to talk about. I can be blunt and straightforward at times, but I honestly do try to behave… Really I do! Anyways, I hope you have as much fun reading my posts, as I do writing them. Enjoy ;).


    21 thoughts on “Who the Hell is Moxie Luster?

    1. Hi Moxie, today I was reading OM post about “Meet and Greet” I thought it was an awesome idea he had to connect people! And here we are you came across my http://yesterdayafter.com and starting follow me thank you! I like your blog, is very interesting that I am following now… please come back anytime and feel free to leave me a line!

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    2. Rather cool intro. I too am just a random troublemaker that leaves it all on paper. I consider myself a mutant, uncanny and different. Looking forward to reading your stuff, I’m rather hard to embarrass and blunt is good. Be you and live like you want. Like Lady GaGa says, “I was born this way”

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