One goal down… several to go…

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W. P. Artisans

Oh man! I hit one of my goals today! 100 views and nearly 100 faves today alone! So, my lovelies, I think I shall do something special! I have a DA giveaway at the moment. Scheduled to end this weekend. For one custom jewelry set. I would like to do something similar for FB.
So, to those who like and follow. Would you like a chance for me to create you something beautiful? I tend to do better with simple strand designs, but so long as there is a tutorial out there… I can do it. Except for knitting, crocheting, etc. with beads. That might be a bit out of my league at the moment.
However, I can do multi strands and patterned jewelry. Probably even large statement jewelry or “floating” jewelry. I can do basic wire wrapping, etc. I have tricks up my sleeve. So don’t think I am…

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