More Details on Publishment

My sister’s poetry is being published, go check it out, give it a read. Give her a follow and likes too! I am so proud and excited for her. ❤ 🙂

W. P. Artisans

Okay, for those who do not know, I dabble in poetry, short stories, novels, etc. This is not including my dabbling in Etsy and jewelry making. Any way, I got the details of my contract and I am officially in the third volume of Mirrored Voices : Best Contemporary Poetry. Which is set to be released soon. In the contract I reserve all rights to my poetry and have freedom to publish them in other articles. As this is basically a free advertisement for authors and/or potential authors. I am extremely excited and proud to have some of my work featured in this book! This is one milestone I have completed in my life! One of my few “bucket list” item. To be published.

I have been writing poetry on and off for over 13 years. Doing various styles, themes, and forms. Ever since I discovered poetry, I had…

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