Open Love Letter

Dear Love,

I did not think it was possible to find you again, but here you are. I had the door on my heart locked, I did not want to let you in. You found the key though, found your way in, and made yourself at home.

Unfortunately, you broke in while someone was already living there. Like a burglar you stole my heart, and left. Knowing that someone else was there, that I could not kick out just yet.

Love, how do I choose? Stick with the old, or try something new? It is true I am in misery, and can not escape. That I was fooled by his trickery, forever in his cage. Love, please understand, this is difficult. I do want to make plans, but it isn’t as simple as you think.

Love, I plead for you not to leave, but I can not just hold onto you. I want this to be, I want you to stay. How selfish can I be, to ask you to stay when you can’t be with me. I crave happiness like a addict, looking for redemption in your smile.

Most days though, I believe in letting you go Love. To set you free, to let you fly so you can be happy. Though you say happiness is with me, I am only a tradegy, you’re waiting to meet. Truth is I will probably never leave, I will forever live in this cage, of misery. You do not deserve this, you are worthy of so much more. Let me be Love, let me go, say goodbye to this almost happy ending. Do not hold on to this chaos. I do not want you to be hurt Love, but if you keep holding on, that’s what will happen.

We shouldn’t sink any further into this, then we already have. Save yourself, protect your heart and soul, for I will only destroy them Love. I am conflicted, frightened, and tired. Sadly, I will seek what I am used to, not something new. We are victims of fates evil game, so set yourself free Love, we can never be. I love you, it is time to say goodbye.


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