Short Story: Goodbye

I let go of the dream, embraced the nightmare once again. Tired of fighting, but I keep trying. Years of memories are not so easy to just let go of. Everyone says it like it’s the most simplest thing to do in life, but it isn’t. So here we are, star crossed lovers, we can not turn this around. I look up searching for the answers, but they never come. Maybe faith and the heart doesn’t mix as well as we believe they do.

So I will go back to what I am used to, you go in search of your happiness. I wish it could be with me, but fate is a joker, making us both the fools in her sick game. Wasting away in misery, maybe that’s my fate, my life to lead. But I will not drag you down with me. Goodbye my starcrossed lover, maybe in another life we will meet again, and break this curse.


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