Reason 01: Refusing to Swim in the Lake

People who know me personally, knows that I have a intense fear of swimming in the Lake. There is many different reasons behind this, besides being a poon, one being that where I live there is a fish called Alligator Gar. They are huge, monsterous and predators. Though with the negative, there is always a positive. They do help the ecosystem, by ridding the lake of dead carcasses.


You see that!? They can reach up to 300ilbs, and 10 feet long. They do not have scales like other fish, but more of a hardened, diamond shape, enamel for protection. Yes.. that means they have armour! They do not typically attack humans, unless you bother them then they will bother you. They have two rolls of sharp, dagger like teeth, that in my opinion would be worse then a alligator bite. Also their eggs are poisonous to humans, freaky right!?

Even though they do not attack with out being provoked, all I can think about is swimming and accidentally bothering one, and being attacked and bitten by it. I mean it is a Lake, and you can’t exactly see whats beneath the surface, so if that makes me a poon then I proudly embrace the title. Not going chunky dunking in the Lake, ever.


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