That Silly Skunk.

In honor of Looney June, I present to you, the most persistent male I have ever seen….


He just never gave up on Penelope did he? Always chasing after her, after being rejected so many times. Such a persistent little stinker, huh?


He just wasn’t like most men, he was.. different.. or you could say looney. Most of the Looney Tunes (toons) had their own little Looney disorders, Pepe Le Pew..well…


I think it is safe to say, although it may ruin some people’s childhood, he was such a sexual predator and stalker, hahahaha! The things we never realized as children, huh?

Okay, maybe he wasn’t, there is two sides of a coin after all. It could be that he fell in love with a female who did not feel the same way, yet he continually tried to woo her and have her open that heart to him. Though she rejected him, he chased and fought for who he loved, that’s better sounding, right?

Well..I think it is, and it doesn’t ruin my childhood memories, so I think I will go with that one.

Hope you all are enjoying your Looney June festivities!! 


8 thoughts on “That Silly Skunk.

  1. Lol – you gotta admire his persistence… I’m reminded of Sissy, a friend who was relentlessly pursued by a boy. She wanted nothing to do with him, though, and told him time and again she only saw him as a friend.

    After 10 years of rejections that would have made even Pepe Le Pew give up, they ended up getting married. They now even have a couple of kids. Who said perseverance doesn’t pay?

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  2. Not only was Pepe Le Pew a sexual predator — he didn’t even know what kind of tail he was after! I think his target victim had paint spilled on her, making her appear to be a skunk. Something like that. She could be a cat!

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