A List of 10 Thoughts

I like lists, lists are fun, or can be anyway. We seem to always make lists, whether it be for groceries, pros and cons about something or someone, lists of your top artists, songs, movies, or even
favorite foods. We even make lists inside our mind, with out even realizing it. So here is a list, a list of thoughts. Just random, doesn’t really make any sense, thoughts.

1. Sometimes I wonder if someone is thinking about me. I constantly have people on my mind, I wonder if I am on someone’s mind too. Or am I just a passing thought, like a brief breeze in summer?

2. We all fart, poot, fluff..what ever you want to call it. We all do it. So why is it that something so common, is so frowned upon in society. Like, when did it become so unacceptable? What if it wasn’t? What if it was actually more unacceptable to not do it? Would everyone then be okay with it, would it be as funny if it was okay?

3. So, only 5% of the ocean has been explored, then explain to me why Mermaids do not exist? I mean… it is very possible that they do. They may not be beautiful as we see on tv or on cartoons, they could be completely hideous and monstrous. They may even eat our faces. But how are we so sure they do not exist?

4. Speaking of creatures that may or may not exist…Unicorns. They are or at least were real. So how come is it not possible through breeding that we can not bring them back?Β  I love unicorns….

5. I think the moon and sun are secretly lovers, that is why they chase one another, and that is why they collide and meet for some alone time during a eclipse, because they can’t continually resist one another.

6. ZOMBIES could be a real epidemic one day. I mean… it is quite possible. All it would take is a disease similar to Ebola. And boom, walking corpses. The Bible says that the dead will walk the earth again, so yes, I believe it will happen.

7. I love cookies, they make me happy. When I am having a shitty day, drowning a helpless cookie and devouring it gives me this devious, delightful pleasure. Take that cookie, nomnomnom.

8. Why doesn’t rich people share their money with people like me? Like, this week I will buy this random person a house. Or give this random person 10k. If any rich people are reading this, I’d take 100k, could live on that for the rest of my life and then some. Hahaha.

9. Technology has made us fat and lazy, but I still love it even knowing this fact. Instead of hard labor, we can sit at a computer all day. I need to exercise.. but lack the motivatation it takes.

10. I can be so negative sometimes I feel like it is a disease of the mind. We can’t help but always think of the negative outcomes, but I think too much and expect the negative to happen. I guess bad luck is better then no luck. I’m sick and tired of that saying…


21 thoughts on “A List of 10 Thoughts

  1. I love this. It had a stream of consciousness feel to it. πŸ™‚
    Number one – you’ve put into words something I’ve wanted to phrase for so long.

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  2. I’ll take 100k too! I always find it funny watching millionaires help support charitable causes and telling people to donate $5, when they could just donate a million and it not even put a dent in their bank account.

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  3. Those are some seriously random thoughts. Here are my answers even though you didn’t ask for them: 1) that happens all the time when you’re young. I don’t think about it as often anymore, but only cuz I think you realize as you grow up that there is always someone somewhere thinking of you. It’s comforting. 2) farting would be more accepted if some didn’t stink. Stank is rude. 3 & 4) these were seriously funny. Especially the fact that one thought led to the other. Now for the downer: neither of these exist or have ever. Like not even close. But I like your breeding idea lol. Are you hypothesizing breeding horse and rhino here? Those two thoughts really made me laugh, actually. Thanks for that. 5) if the sun and moon were lovers they’re apparently divorced now. That’s the only active relationship status I can think of where you pretty much only see one at a time. 6) there’s plenty of zombies walking around right now. They’re called synthetic marijuana addicts. Stay away from that stuff. We make calls on them every shift at work. You don’t want to see that. 8) the rich remember how hard it was to get rich so they selfishly completely bask in their own accomplishment. I would too. 9) use technology to be productive instead of sedentary. It’s such a great time to be alive. 10) no luck is definitely better than bad luck. I’ll take zero any day over negative anything.

    Thanks for the list. I enjoyed it.

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