Entry 08: She’s Gone

The Diary of a Once Beautiful Girl:

Entry 08:

Day 20

Diary, she slipped away. Fallen and forgotten, she was screaming for help, but it never came. We found her body..amongst the bottles of whiskey. She drank herself to death. I didn’t know she needed help..I didn’t know. How is someone supposed to know? I am not sure why I am even writing this, I guess because it is all she clung to in the end, writing in you gave her a release. If only we knew, we could of helped. She seemed so happy on the outside, she always gave people positive advice, was so loving and caring. Oh God, how was we supposed to know she was this far gone..I just wish I was here but I left her. I feel as if it is my fault. She was so beautiful, everything about her. Her smile just lit up a room. How could she do this? I guess those who seem the happiest on the outside, are the most hurt on the inside. All my troubles seem like nothing, pathetic, compared to hers. She’s gone..I’ll never be able to hold her again, she gave the best hugs, so full of love. God, how was I supposed to know!! Why did she have to leave!!??

[This is a work of fiction.]

These are all a work of fiction, but people do go through these struggles. Some people can not handle depression like others can. We don’t always ask for help when we need it. Instead we put others before ourselves and make sure those around us are happy. If you notice someone going through a deep depression, don’t ignore it. I know it is hard, because they’ll reject you multiple times before letting you in. But if you care, break that wall down, force your way in. Depression is becoming an epidemic, especially when the world is slowly sinking into hell. Just be wary, they may seem happy but inside they could be fighting a battle.


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