Entry 07: Sounds of Silence

Diary of a Insane Girl

Entry 07:

Day Ten of Insanity.

Traveling across a tattered and forgotten bridge, over troubled water full of despair. The journey is full of danger, of my own making. I drown myself in a bottle full of memories of what was and could of been. Night after night, I hear you calling out my name, it’s all a hallucination though. Hallucinations of a mind consumed by darkness, chaos, and liquid strength. You just let me fall apart, you let me go, and stomped on the pieces that was left of me. Now only darkness is my friend, the sounds of silence consumes me. Restlessly dreaming, screaming your name, but only silence answers me. This bottle of memories my medicine. Repeatedly medicating myself, just to feel that moment of nothing, in the silence. Visions of you are easier to accept when medicated, with my liquid strength. Redemption no where to be found. Letting this silence consume me. No one can love a monster, hell not even I can love myself. Goodbye.

[This is a work of fiction.]


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