Entry 05: Hopeless

Diary of a Insane Girl

Entry 05:

Day Five of Insanity.

Most days I have lost hope. I don’t have reliance on hope anymore. Whats the point?  Hopes only lead to more pain, anger, depression. I hope for a better life, but it’s not going to happen. I hope for love, but it’ll never be. I hope for fame and fortune, but that never happens to people like me. I hope to be able to smile with out it hurting, but it always hurts. I hope to be able to laugh, but it comes out strangled. I hope to be able to kiss someone with out questioning it, but I always do. I hope to not be depressed, but I always am. I hope not to feel pain, but I always do. I hope not to always fail, but I never win. I hope to buy a house, but that’ll end in failure. My life is full of failures, hopelessness, and sadness. I’m tired of fighting. I don’t have it in me anymore. Just rather give up, it’s easier. After so many failures, what’s the point anymore? I give up.

[This is a work of fiction.]


4 thoughts on “Entry 05: Hopeless

  1. Hope is a nice girl. Hope in a different way can break your heart. But that is to be human is to have hope in times when you feel like there is nothing you can do to change things. You are alive because you cling to hope for a better tomorrow. It’s all a part of being alive where you will feel pain but that is the price we all pay for love.

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