Entry 04: Why?

Diary of a Insane Girl

Entry 04:

Day Four of Insanity.

Why do guys always fall in love with me so fast? I am not being conceited, or even having an ego, far from it. I am just pissed not knowing why people like me so much. Why do they? I am nothing special, far from it actually. I am not good for anyone, more then a handful, I’m not easy. I don’t give it up fast, I don’t wanna have sex with random people, sex is about passion and intimacy, connecting with someone on a deeper level, merging two bodies into one as you soar on the waves of ectasy. I am not the type of girl who falls in love fast. If at all. I am dark and damaged, I know this. I don’t tell anyone this, but that’s how I am. No, I don’t tell anyone it’s best they believe in the happy-go-lucky facade I portray. Not the dark, damaged, cynical me. No, no one can handle me, not truly. So why do you care? Why does everyone always want to get close to me? Why say you love me? Just don’t, you deserve better then me. I deserve to be alone. Forever.

[This is a work of fiction.]


7 thoughts on “Entry 04: Why?

  1. ” Why say you love me? Just don’t, you deserve better then me. ”

    I know this is fictional but oof I get that line towards me a lot in my past relationships, both good and mostly failed ones, is there ever a right answer to this? πŸ™‚

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    • Will there ever be a right answer to a depressed and muddled mind? Probably not. We just got to keep on expressing our love, showing them daily they deserve more then they give themselves credit for. Its a struggle to love someone who questions everything, I myself question everything and I struggle with myself, but I think it’s worth it in the end. Lol:)

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