Entry 02: Confused

Diary of a Insane Girl

Entry 02:

The 2nd Day of Insanity.

Is it normal just to be with someone, for no other reason at all, beside it being what you are used to? Love..that’s an emotion I’m not allowed to have anymore. Its more of a bad habit that I just can’t seem to quit. Kind of like those twekers on the streets late at night. Searching for their next fix, zombie’s searching for a temporary escape. Thats what I feel like it is. I am just a tweker, emotionless, searching for a fix and that’s what he is. My fix. Thats all he is. Sure, I say I love you and all that. But inside I am just cold and unfeeling. Just going through the motions because that’s what is expected of me. Thats what he wants and society. What do I want? Just to feel again, instead of being so numb to everything around me. I suppose I am just confused as to how I can look around and see so many happy people, so in love with one another. They can’t stop touching each other, holding hands and kissing, that look in their eyes that’s so full of love. I’m confused as to why they are foolish. One or the other is going to end up being hurt. Nothing filled with joy lasts very long. Just confused by fools. So confused.

[This is a work of fiction.]


10 thoughts on “Entry 02: Confused

  1. Was having similar thoughts when searched for ‘confusion’ in the reader. I have to admit these thoughts resonated so well. Probably the short phases of joy and sorrow are what make life an interesting journey 🙂 Do share your answers once you find them 🙂

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    • You’re right, if we were always happy we would become bored of that. Its the fight during the journey that makes us who we are, makes us stronger, and when you fight to be where you are at it is more special and fulfilling. 🙂

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  2. Yes you have to go through the journey, overcome obstacles that you would’ve never thougt you would, life will bring the unespected and you have to learn how to deal with all kind of situations at the best of your ability and be able to fight and become who you are, forging yourself for what you will be in the future…

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