Entry 01: Slipping Away

Diary of a Insane Girl

Entry 01

The First Day of Insanity.

It was then that I knew, lust controlled me. Love was left dead and forgotten. He destroyed that, stole it away, and I would never find it again. Instead I lust for things and people, I don’t love them. I am cold inside, nothing ever seems to warm me up. I don’t think of unicorns, only death and destruction. I feel myself slowly slipping away, falling into the depths of something chaotic. I have forgotten how to smile. What my face used to feel like when I smiled. Now it is just tiring to even fake smile. My muscles just get worn out, and I revert back to my cold stare. Whats the point of smiling?  When you have lost the emotions of love, what’s the point of anything. I feel myself slowly slipping away. Away from what I used to be into something wild, dark, and unknown. I wonder when we all begin to lose our mind if this is how it goes. You just know, but you don’t stop it, you succumb to it, like it is a release of some sort. Slowly slipping further into the dark. Slipping away.

[This is a work of fiction.]


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