One Week Until Looney June

Let’s bring this holiday to WP and party like daffy!

The Captain's Speech

Gee willikers, where has the time gone?

If you don’t know what Looney June is, let me explain it quickly.

May 4th is Star Wars Day. I’ve never seen Star Wars. However, I’ve seen Space Jam. And Space Jam has to do with astronomy, so it’s basically the same thing as Star Wars. Yet, Space Jam gets no holiday. Therefore, I created Looney June – a spinoff of Looney Tunes, who are the main characters in Space Jam. It will be a month long celebration.

What are we celebrating? Everything looney. That includes: Space Jam, Looney Tunes, and people that act looney on a daily basis – so basically everyone, especially bloggers.

I first mentioned it on May 4th and it seemed like people liked the idea. You can read that here: Looney June Is Coming.

I’m well aware of how much of a flop…

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