Soul Sisters

We all have that one special friend, who is more then a best friend. That one special someone who, if you were gay, would probably be your lover. They always know what to say or do when you are down, what makes you happy, your likes and dislikes. Can sit around all day with you discussing particular delicious eye candy. When you are having a exceptionally shitty day, they have a shovel, and shovel it all away.


My bff left, me right.

My soul sister and I wearing matching braclets.

Best friend’s are more then just the best, they can be your life line, when you are wanting to just give up. My best friend is my soul sister, she’s a part of me, and I am not sure what I would do with out her in my life. She’s always there, as I am for her, and that’s something that I will be grateful for, for eternity.

Sorry about the post, doing it from my phone, so it looks different.


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