Random Fact 01

Barbie has only had a belly button for 15 years and was made around 56 years ago. In other words, they made a belly button in 2000 but she was first made in 1959. The dolls are completely different and seems to change as each year goes by.

And let us not forget the people who aspire to be just like Barbie…



20 thoughts on “Random Fact 01

  1. Interesting about the belly button, I still have my old Barbie’s in the loft, I would never have noticed that though.

    As for the second set of photos……. no, just no. That is not going to age well either!!

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    • Yes I know! She’s actually a model too, I just was shocked. I am sure many kids are amazed at the real life Barbie. I personally would never want my kid idolizing such a fake. But that’s just my opinion lol I have strong opinions on portrayal of body image for kids though. πŸ™‚


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