Once Upon A Time…

While reading this blog post here–>Please Don’t Let Me Get One of Those.. I was inspired to write something about relationships, and society’s askew view on how relationships should be, and how we in society kind of fail at them, not all of us of course, but there is a few.

The first type of relationship I would like to talk about is the “Twilight Lovers.”

Twilight Lovers are the girls that grew up with the movie and books, and wanted a romance like Bella and Edward. But did they really see what was going on there? There was plenty of instances of Verbal Abuse, lying to her friends and family when she definitely was not okay, pressuring her into doing things she did not at first wanted to do, harassment, being overly jealous of her best guy friend, her committing suicide (or attempting to). I mean come on people, is this really a relationship that you want? Now, I am not bashing you Twilight fans at all, it is just that basing your relationship off of this is ill advised. It was a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, why would you want something like that!?

Mr. Gray Lovers Seriously… Do people even realize that this was written as a fanfiction of Twilight, just on a darker scale? Need I say more.. Probably not but I am going to. First off, sure it is highly sexual, and sure it is okay to do those things in the bedroom. But for people to crave that type of relationship, are you sure? Order me around like Mr. Gray Really? Do you want to be controlled? DO you want every move you make or do to be dictated by another? The world needs more shy girls like Anastasia Really? You want a girl who is shy, that is fine they are cute, but to also be so insecure about herself, as well as being psychologically unhealthy.. I think not. In no real relationship does love magically cure any psychological problems a person has, love is not always the answer, though we wish it to be and want it to be, it isn’t always JUST love that makes a person better, if at all. The relationship is dangerous, mentally draining, and both are destructive to one another. Experimenting in the bedroom, PERFECTLY OKAY, but is it really okay to do that in a non monogamous marriage? What about sexually transmitted diseases, what about rape, what if this person gets a sick thrill in your pain and takes it one step too far?

Disney Princess’s Everyone want’s a fairytale relationship based off of their favorite childhood cartoon. Prince charming wooshing in and saving them, or them being a strong woman and finding a strong man to match. But at a psychological glance are these relationships a “Happy Every After” kind. I would say no, hell no. Instead of rambling on and on about this I will just drop a link Here for you to read since this person has taken the time to lay it all out for you. Besides Disney may of made a happy ending, but the Brothers Grimm did not. But the real endings of the Disney stories is for a different day.


I could keep listing fictional relationships, but that would be like a 100 page book, so instead I shall digress because you as the reader get the point I am trying to make.

What I am trying to say in this post is that society bases relationships off of fictional characters on TV or in books. Don’t get me wrong, I have read many Paranormal Romance stories and wished for a romance like that myself, who doesn’t? But the reality of the matter is that it is ALL fiction. Real relationships take work, dedication, trust, understanding, patience. It is a lot of work, and there is some that just do not want to put in that work. They go out, they cheat, they abuse, they stay quiet, they are miserable. I am disappointed in how everything now-a-days is so SEXUALIZED as well. Sure sex is wonderful, it is a great activity, I like sex, but does everything have to be so sexual? Making people strive more for lust then love in relationships? Why does everyone have to be “SEXUALLY ATTRACTED” to another for a relationship to form? So what if they do not have the boobs of a porn star, or the butt of JLO, is that what really matters when it comes to LOVE? I personally think not, LUST though, lust takes all those things to form. People should be more careful when getting in a relationship, not only based off of fictional characters, but also based on the wrong emotion.

This is all just my opinion, it does not make it true, it is what I feel in my own opinion is true. By all means if you are looking for a “Happily Ever After” and a “Perfect” relationship like on TV or Cartoons or in Fictional Novels, go for it. I am not one to judge, just find it a bit out of reality. šŸ™‚

–Moxie Luster

6 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. I love this post! I’ve never believed in fairy tales or stuff like Twilight(I found it stupid, to be honest) and the way you summed that up in your post was marvelous, I’m sick and tired of hearing my friends daydream about their Prince Charming. I think I’ll show them this post.


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    • I don’t think a lot of people realize the dedication and furstrations involved in real relationships, instead they daydream of fairy tales. The man pees on the toilet set, we pass gas, being a mom is hard work, It’s reality and people need a good dose of it lol. Not to say you won’t find a “prince” you will, but not in the way Hollywood depicts it lol.

      Glad you enjoyed it! šŸ™‚

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  2. Bit of a bad spin there don’t you think lol Anastasia isn’t shy, her manerisms are just that of an awkward virgin, a young adult who doesnt understand sex yet, have you read the books? The film was different to the book, which im a huge fan of, shes a challenge to him. She talks back, shes feisty, shes strong, shes independent. She makes him see things differently, he turns his life around for her and what she represents. Have you ever researched into couples who have BDSM relationships privately in the comfort of their own home? Its not all doom and gloom. Twilight on the other hand can f*ck off lmao Vampires (as much as they don’t exist) do not glitter in the sunlight!! I liked this post, makes people think.
    Disney is changing the way love is represented though, which is a good thing. See what they did there with Malificent? Also the show Once Upon a Time with a mothers true love. Its something that won’t completely change, but its no longer just about Prince Charming or a White Knight.

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    • Once upon a time, I love the show, but has plenty of very toxic relationships. Maleficent was a decent movie, but heart break equals cursing your exes child..? Haha it can be interpreted into something less fantastical, but hate twilight but like 50 Shades? 50 shades is a fanfiction of twilight, though more adult oriented it is still a poor representative of relationships in real world, and BDSM is great, It’s fun, but it can also be psychologically scarring to individuals who can not handle it. In reality, not in fiction, his life would not magically change like that, thats something I pointed out. The relationship in 50 Shades is abusive he doesn’t tell her everything up front, he keeps things from her and lies, that’s why later on you find out a friend of the family an older woman that has stayed close with him and the family, one of his Moms friend’s, and that was his first. As for her not being shy, she is in the beginning, she is Star struck and does what ever he tells her to do, later on she becomes more fiesty.

      Not bashing anyone and their likes, the stories, tv shows, cartoons I have watched I have read them, I also have enjoyed them, but on a level of reality it is not healthy to want a relationship like that. I value them for their FICTION but I despise them for women actually WANTING abusive relationships based on said FICTION.

      Thanks for your comment! GLAD to see a different view then my own. šŸ˜€


  3. Oh and to just throw this in about 50 Shades, not bashing once again, but plenty of those who practice the fine art of BDSM is ashamed that the book has used it in such a manner that portrays more on the lines of abuse and misinterpreted methods that could be more harm then anything, instead of embracing the art of pleasure through BDSM the book does no justice to it. Okay I am done, I hate going on rants about stuff like this, but opinions are opinions and not everyone’s will be the same šŸ˜€


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