Letting My Nerd Show…

Hello my fellow Nerds reading this, I wanted to introduce this site to you, Mizahar. It is a collaborative story telling site, so yes that means an RP site. It is a fantasy roleplay forum, which is a play by post game. Mizahar is fully original and as an in depth story line and lore to read, you could literally be reading for days.. I know I was. There isn’t Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Fairys, ect. like in other more mainstream sites. Instead Mizahar has 20 unique races to choose from, and their flora and fauna is also unique. They value plot, character development, and call themselves “the Writers RPG” for this reason.

There are rules to follow, you can not go in there and just create the character how you want, but you have to stick to the characters cultural background. You also can not write your character as being invincible, there are only X amount of skill points to start out with that you have to distribute realistically for your character concept to be believable. The community is helpful and kind and very active as well, so you will not be sitting there for weeks waiting on a reply.

Either way, it is fascinating and fun, and if you enjoy story telling in this type of setting I suggest you at least give it a try. You can develop your writing skills better this way too, as your story will receive critique when you are done with it. If you do decide to play, let me know and we can meet up on there.

–Moxie Luster


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