When Digging In Spring…

So I was digging a couple of years ago in the Spring Time, due to a pipe bursting near the water meter. As I was digging I suddenly realized something, I jumped back, fell on my ass, with a girly squeal as I realized what slimy treasure I uncovered… A Frog. I am not a amphibian, reptile, bug person at all, so I was surprised to have exhumed a frog. Unbeknownst to me, Frogs HIBERNATE in the ground. Maybe the correct term is toad? Either way, I felt bad for the little guy, so I made sure I did not hurt him, which thankfully I did not, and placed him back into his little hibernating area and covered him back up so he would not be disturbed any longer.

I must say the whole thing kind of freaked me out, no one expects to dig up a frog (toad?) and when you do, and you are slightly girly, it tends to mess with you. I do hope the little guy made it and I did not have a hand in its death. Hopefully he finished his (or she?) hibernating and hopped off to make frog babies :D.

Some interesting facts–> Ribbet


24 thoughts on “When Digging In Spring…

  1. When I was a kid I lost a tennis ball in a buss in my backyard and reaching my hand it to get it and grabbed something slimy instead. I’m pretty sure it was a frog but I dropped it and backed away so fast I wasn’t sure.

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    • Oh my hahaha I would of freaked out, I am not sure I could handle touching one, though as a kid I was fearless and played with all creatures.. even a snake. But now that I am older and (hopefully wiser) I do not play with such things. But that is hilarious… Poor kid Paul hahaha šŸ˜€

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      • I ran in the house and put my hand under the tap for about five minutes. Then I sniffed it to see if it smelled like a frog! So weird. You played with a snake??

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      • Hahaha you actually sniffed for the scent of frog.. That is priceless and made me giggle aloud hahaha.

        Of course, there was a grass snake in my science teachers class in the 5th Grade, she brought it to school every day and had a potted tree she would put it in. It was interesting. Though I will say I have never and will never play or touch a spider, my friend has a pet tarantula and it gives me the “hibbie-jibbies.” Spiders are evil…

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      • I had to make sure my hand was clean….A pet tarantula? I’m just picturing the one from the Home Alone movie. Man I wouldn’t want one of those anywhere near me let alone as a pet.

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  2. Frogs Indeed hibernate. The one you uncovered looks like a green frog or a bullfrog — definitely not a toad. There are strange tales of frogs being discovered inside rocks, but I never believed the stories.

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  3. Hahaha it was really nice of you to put it back in it’s proper place and let it hibernate. I would have probably ran away as fast as I could and asked some-one else to do all the donkey work.

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