Dear Mom..

Dear Mom,

I wanted to thank you for all the times you kissed my boo-boos and made them all better. For all the times I would fall down and you would pick me back up, not just literally but emotionally. When I was crying from heart break thinking my life was over, you reminded me of my strength and helped me push forward to happiness. When my first relationship lasted Four Years, but when it was over I finally told you he was physically abusing me, you held me and gave me the strength to carry on, showed me the tender love I needed to believe that I was worth it. You always remind me of how strong I am, what I am capable of, when I am feeling weak and worthless. I expressed how my life was over, but you reminded me that it was just beginning. All the times I became angry and just could not take it anymore, you stayed by my side to help me get through it. I remember getting ready for prom, and how I just sat there and cried because it was just too stressful, and you staying beside me like a beacon of strength and understanding. You did not tell me I was being ridiculous, when I definitely was. You understood that mentally I could not handle high-stress situations, and that I make most things a high-stress situation with out realizing it. You helped me get through it and have an amazing night. When I felt unloved by other members of the family, you exploded and over flowed with love, letting me know that you were there and always loved me and always will. When I became pregnant at a young age and had to drop out of the Arts Institute for my dream job of a photo journalist for National Geographic, and so many feelings were running through me, including you being disappointed and ashamed of me, you kissed it all away. You were proud of me for maturing and taking the steps necessary to be an adult at an early age, you mentioned how you graduated with honors from college to be a Travel Agent, but you threw it all away just to be our Mother. You sacrificed so much to be a wonderful Mom, and I appreciate that. I don’t see it as forgetting your dreams, but creating a new one. After all you were told you would never have kids but you had three, and that is all you wanted, and you did an amazing job filling our lives with love. Although we could not afford much, you made sure that I had what I needed and sometimes what I wanted just so I would be happy. You and I have been through a lot over the years, so many up and downs, but we always stayed beside each other, supporting one another. I just want to thank you for loving me, even when loving me seemed impossible you still did it. Your unrelenting love, strength, and motivation helped me through more situations then you will ever realize. Thank you for being there when no one else was, pushing me forward to new dreams, helping me have the strength to accomplish things in my life, and not ever being disappointed in me, but proud. Thank you for everything you have done, didn’t want to do, and still do. I love you Mom.

–Your Loving Daughter Always.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Mom..

  1. That’s very beautiful Moxie! I am a mom and I can say that a Mother love has no equal and will overcome mountains of any kind… this wonderful letter would be the most precious gift you can give to your mom…Thank you for sharing and Happy Mothers Day to you too!

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