When You Wish Upon An Avant-Garde Star Arcturus Happens


You never realize how precious the term avant-garde is until you come across a band like Arcturus. Not only because it acts as an umbrella term for some of the bravest, weirdest and most intriguing musicians on the planet, but also because it saves me the trouble of calling Arcturus blackened-cyber-operatic-progressive-space-underground-metal. Merci beaucoup France. Your contribution to the English language has saved me more times than I can count.

But that’s enough prattling about the silliness of genre. Lets move onto prattling about the band. And excuse the hyperbole. The band genuinely deserves it. Arcturus have lived up to the majesty and almost impenetrable strangeness implied by naming your band after a star. A combination of unconventional song structures, an emphasis on experimentation and Steinar Sverd Johnsen’s wonderfully absurd approach to the keyboard make them one of  the most hypnotic and fascinating bands operating today. With former Dimmu Borgir bassist…

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