The Journey of Hair Dying..

Okay first off, this isn’t a “How To Dye Your Hair” I feel like there are plenty of those on the internet. This is actually about my Hair Dying Journey, because people always ask me “You have been so many different colors, how are you not BALD!?” So I decided to make a quick blog post showing all the hair colors and explaining how I didn’t become bald..

I started dying my hair back in 2008 but I could not find any pictures from way back then, or really I was too lazy to do the digging required to find them.. I know pathetic. But there are plenty of pictures from 2011 until now that I found. So yes, unfortunately this will be filled with Selfies.. I love Selfies..

These are from 2011 to 2012, I had brown hair, went blonde, then I went pink/blonde/black underneath, then I went back to brown, then darkened it to a very dark brown, almost black color.

I kept my blackish locks until 2013 where I decided that it was time for a change. So I dyed my hair Crimson, and of course I loved it but let me tell you, Crimson is just like black.. It is one of the hardest pigments to get out of your hair and it was a CHALLENGE, but I did it and went back to blonde but this time a more Platinum blonde.

So I kept my lovely blonde hair until I was ready to grow my hair out more. So I decided to go back to brown in 2014, and I have kept this brown up until about March (Maybe April) 2015 where I then decided to add a pop of color, beautiful purple! Which my hair is still brown with purple to this day, and I am slowly becoming bored with that so who knows what may be in the future!

  • Firstly I would like to say that Hair Dying can be and normally is EXPENSIVE. Sure you may have gotten a great deal on that Hair Dye, but remember that keeping it up can get pricey.
  • Speaking of pricey things, you will also have to purchase hair care products to keep the integrity of your hair, also because hair dying does dry your hair out. So you are going to have to fork out $$$ to buy products, after you dye your hair it just doesn’t magically go back to how it was before, you have to pamper it like a child.
  • I also coated my hair with Coconut oil before bleaching. It helped keep the moisture in my hair, since bleaching obviously dries it out and makes it break. I would slather that yummy smelling oily mess onto my head, sleep in it, put another layer on, then bleach.
  • When you bleach your hair you have to constantly trim the ends, that way you can get rid of the dead ends and damaged hair, as you slowly grow your hair and redo the roots. Eventually you will have more healthy hair then over processed, although it is really time consuming.
  • Your hair WILL become damaged, there is noting you can do to stop that when dealing with bleach. But there are ways to go about it so your hair doesn’t fall out, research, research, research. Also ask a beautician their hints. Knowledge is power!
  • If you have dyed your hair red, like a crazy color red, and bleached before hand (OR EVEN PINK) then more then likely it has stained your hair and will not wash out as it promises it will. The only thing you can really do is wash it ALL the time, you can even use the Vitamin C method (Google it), but you will have to get AS much color out of your hair before you can change it. Red is super stubborn and so is pink, it took me FOREVER to get it all out. But I did and went blonde after red, it is possible, but it does take time.
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER buy the 40 Volume Developer. Don’t be a dumb novice and purchase such a high volume. YES I KNOW it gives the highest lift, but with that also comes the FACT that it will BURN your freaking hair. It WILL fall out, it will turn into MOOSH, you WILL have a bald spot, and you can not re-bleach your hair. Now if you were to get the 20 Volume Developer it will not damage your hair as badly, and you can re-bleach your hair to achieve a lighter tone.
  • Lastly, Hair Dying is fun, but it is also costly. Not only can it be monetary costly, but your hair will suffer excessive damage over time, and it will take a longer time to repair the damage you have caused it. Always seek the help of a professional before delving into the unknown. They do cost money, a lot at times, but you are going to be spending the same amount of money trying to repair your hair and get it to the color you want it to be at. Some of us are not lucky and born naturally blonde, and it takes A LOT to get to blonde. So be smart, don’t be an idiot, do it the RIGHT way and ask a professional.

  • So that is about it really, nothing too complicated, nothing too hard. Common knowledge that we seem to forget during the excitement of going to a new color. I would like to say I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN ANY WAY. Though I have taken cosmetology classes, and I have had many years of experience dying my own hair as well as others, it does not necessarily make me an EXPERT. I am constantly learning new things when it comes to hair dying, like them coming out with Olaplex (google it) it is an awesome new way to lighten hair. I have never had my hair professional dyed, unless classes in cosmetology counts? I have always dyed my own hair, but if this is your first time PLEASE seek help from a professional, or at least someone who has years of experience doing their own hair.

    Anyway, my blog doesn’t really have anything hair and make-up on it, this is my first post. I am a girly girl and I do enjoy such things, but I never post about it. Since I was recently asked by a friend about how I dye my hair constantly and I am not bald, I decided to make a post about it. I hope you all enjoyed my little adventure, and if you have any questions just ask :D!

–Moxie Luster


8 thoughts on “The Journey of Hair Dying..

    • You should do it, you only get one life, might as well before you naturally start going bald hahaha :p ! That’s what I tell myself, and if hair dye ever makes me bald, then I’ll just be like Cher and wear wigs all the time! 😀

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