Slipknot & Hatebreed: Prepare for Hell Tour

Saturday night I went to the Slipknot and Hatebreed concert, I live in Alabama and it has been YEARS since Slipknot has came to Alabama. I was so excited to have scored FREE tickets from a cop when I went to a different concert. The seats wasn’t WONDERFUL but they were free so I am not complaining.

They had the concert at an Amphitheater outside, and a bonus is that there was a fair going on in the same venue as well. So that was pretty freaking awesome. The smell of weed permeated the air as Slipknot came on to the stage, fire exploded, lights were flashing, and they were amazing. Also I must say that Hatebreed was an amazing band as well, I have listened to a few of their songs and knew they were good, but once you see a band LIVE you come to have a loving relationship from far away with them, and that is what happened hahaha. (Creepy much? Probably, but it is the truth!)

I did get a few good pictures, but nothing too spectacular, either way I was too busy head banging to really take a ton of pictures to be honest hahaha. But besides all that you wasn’t allowed to bring anything deemed “professional” into the concert, nor was you supposed to bring cameras. But they allowed me to bring my cheap little camera in. The lady was like “Put it in your pocket quickly, and go on.” I was like Yes Ma’am and went on my way hahaha.

It was a helluva fun time, so if Slipknot is coming near you, I implore you to go and check it out, it was an amazing show!!

–Moxie Luster


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