Halestorm and Pretty Reckless

I am so excited that I will be going to see two of my favorite bands in concert Tuesday. Music is a big part of my life, it was always a “get away” for me. I think about it now, and I have a lot of favorite bands, I can not just choose one, but these two in particular I really like. The lyrics are relateable, and not just about love, sex, and drugs. Though if you decide to watch Pretty Reckless, Messed up world, it may seem that the video is about sex, but if you knew the band you would know that this video is FULL of sarcasm, and if you wait till the end the two girls making out holds up a sign saying… Well I will let you watch it instead of rambling on and on about the bands…But what can I say, I love my rock music, some people dislike it.

Either way, I can not wait to go see these lovely ladies in concert Tuesday, and hopefully I can get some amazing pictures from it as well. I just wanted to share my excitement!

–Moxie Luster


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