Delving Into the Past.

 I was going through some writing of mine that was from many years ago and found this. I wrote this for my English 101 class, with a teacher that never gave As, and I must brag when I say I received a 98 on this essay and was counted for missing a couple of commas. Though re-reading this particular writing annoys me, why did I use her name so often!? Lamia this.. Lamia that.. It drove me nuts. But I love looking at older writing compared to my current writing and it makes me smile. It is nice to see your progression as a writer by saving old pieces like this, and it would not of been possible if I did not upload it on, which they copyright everything you post to your name, so you do not have to worry about people stealing it legally.  You also can see how you still make some of the same mistakes as you used to as well.. hahahaha. No one is perfect I suppose.

Walking down the old country road, Lamia sniffed the mist-ladden air warily. She decided to watch a late night movie, but now walking back from it, she regretted it. She had no friends or a boy friend to call up to go with her, and her family lived in another state. Lamia sighed depressingly as she neared Hadder Cemetary, a small chill raced down her spine. Lamia inhaled a deep breathe trying to calm her racing nerves. A soft breeze began to howl, bringing an eerie chill with it. Though it was summertime the eerie chill made Lamia cold with a tinge of fear. Gooseflesh suddenly appeared on her bare arms.

   Lamia sighed and looked down at her clothing. She decided to wear a black vee neck tank top and a pair of cut offs. She thought she would dress to be relaxed, but now with the eerie chill she regretted her outfit choice. Lamia wrapped her arms around herself and glared at Hadder Cemetary.

“Come on Lamia..It is not that creepy..Not that long, a nice little short cut to your house..” Lamia inhaled deeply.

   Lamia closed her eyes and placed her hands on the ancient  gate, the hard rust scraping against her skin. She pulled old metal gate open, and it wailed like a banshee. Lamia shuddered at the sound and began the walk towards her house. The sound of her feet softly pattering against the moist ground, was the only sound that came to her ears. The silence was ominous, and made Lamia feel more nervous about taking the cemetary as a short cut.

   Putrid smells came to her nose, making Lamia gag. She swallowed the small lump that formed in her throat, and continued on her way. An owl screeched into the silence of the night. Lamia jumped and looked around the darken cemetary. Lamia listened intently, and heard the ruffling of the bird’s feathers as it took flight into the star studded sky. She inhaled a deep breath to calm her nerves, hearing the air rushing into her lungs. A small breeze blew some dry leaves on the ground, making small murmurs and whispers echo into the silent cemetary. Lamia stopped and shivered rubbing her bare arms looking around. Small beads of cold sweat formed upon Lamia’s brow. Lamia tried to urge her legs to move, but they became stiff as boards.

   Lamia’s eyes darted around and found a prominent figure shrouded by shadows. Her breath caught in her lungs and her heart began to race.

“Whose there?” Lamia asked a bit shaken.

   The big shadow did not answer, all Lamia could see was the wide white smile in the dark. Lamia gasped and backed up a little. The man walked forward with litheness, entering the light. He had long onyx colored hair tied back in a loose pony tail. The man looked to be at least seven feet tall, and had artic blue eyes. The stranger stood in front of Lamia, a finger length away. She could feel his frigid breath upon her warm pale skin. The moon beams made his skin look luminescent. He slowly bent down and placed a small lingering kiss upon her cheek. His lips felt cold and dead, but silky soft at the same time. The man gently placed his hand on her face and smiled deviously. His hand was cold as ice and smooth like velvet, making Lamia shiver. Lamia could not comprehend the feeling from his glacier touch and kiss, it was addictive and made her crave more. Lamia could see a faint outline around his body, it was a gray color. Lamia gulped, trying to hide her frightened state.

   He stood there still as a statue, saying nothing and making no movement. All he did was stare into her pale green eyes, as if looking into her soul. Lamia peered down at his perfect sculputed lips and saw two fangs almost cat like only larger, jutting out. Lamia gasped and blinked, and he disappeared. Lamia frowned and looked around. There was no one to be found in the cemetary. Not even a single trace of evidence of anyone ever being there, no foot prints or anything. The only things around were the ancient tombstones crumbling with age. Lamia inhaled a deep breath trying to stay calm.

  Lamia was sensitive ever since she was younger to the negative and postive energies of others. It was a gift, her grandmother said, one of many she will posses. This lead Lamia into thinking she was a freak, and she never had any friends because of her weird ways. Lamia sighed and pondered what he was. He had to be a vampire. Lamia confirmed in her head. His Aura was gray, which means dark and depressing thoughts, unclear intentions and a presence of a darkside of his personality.

   Lamia shook her head not realizing she was still standing in the foreboding cemetary. Lamia gasped as the realization came back full on. Lamia’s heart pounded and she looked around nervously making sure she was still alone. When Lamia went into her world, she usually forgot about her surroundings. Lamia inhaled a deep breath again and stormed off in a full out run towards the other end of Hadder Cemetary. Images blurred past her as she stormed home. It did not take her long to reach the gate. She slung the old rusted gate open, ignoring the sinsiter wail it emitted.

   Lamia stopped on the trail and looked around quickly, and darted off to the left off the trodden path, and into the small thicket of woods. The thicket came out onto her front yard. Lamias house rested just fifty yards from the cemetary. Lamia kicked it in high gear and raced through the woods, ignoring the briars scartching her sensitive skin, and the warm blood that began trickling on her skin.

   She finally reached her front yard and gave a last boost of energy and jumped on to the wooden front porch. Lamia’s breathe came in quick harsh sounds as she tried to breath in and out slowly to calm her racing heart. Sweat covered her body glistening in the moon light. Lamia placed her hand on the wooden beam of the porch breathing in and out slowly. “Wow I am so out of shape.” Lamia said to herself.

She turned the door knob realizing it was unlocked.

“Thats funny..” Lamia said outload a bit wary. She pushed the door completely open.

   There he stood, the man from the cemetary. Standing in all the sleek glory of a king. His arms were folded across his chest, and he stared down at her with his cold dead eyes. Penterating into her soul, Lamia gasped in surprise. Laughter played in his eyes like flames and his sinsiter smile grew larger at her reaction.

Lamia gasped out, “How..?”  That was all that Lamia could muster up to say, before her vision went blurry and she could feel her body falling to the floor. The last thing she remembered was the stranger catching her in his strong arms, as she entered a dark and silent abyss


3 thoughts on “Delving Into the Past.

  1. Marked down for missing a few commas? Your teacher would have loved me — I would have left them out on purpose.

    I’m more surprised your teacher didn’t mark you down for the overall dark tone. The teachers I dealt with would have sent you straight to the principal’s office! Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was college not high school I should have clarified. But Yeah, when I had creative writing class everyone called me a modern Edgar because my writing is usually more on the dark side lol.


      • I believe you did mention it was a college English class, Either way–I assumed your English class was at the college level. I can barely remember the last English I sat through, so I had to revert back to my high school days! Forgive me.

        I took creative writing in high school for exactly 3 days and also acquired quite a few aliases! None of which are appropriate to share.

        Liked by 1 person

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