Monochrome Madness– Day Five

Well today is the last day of the Monochrome Madness, and honestly I was running out of black and white pictures! So for today’s picture, I chose my daughter Reia (ray-uh) with her MiMi at Smith Lake. I captured this sweet scene back in 2011.

I hope all of you have had as much fun as I have with this activity. I have been a little weary to post anything else, did not want to over load anyone’s Reader feeds! I did have fun with this, but I am ready to start blogging about other things as well! During this activity I have been inspired with many other ideas.

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  • Credit goes to this guy ~~> Flytrapman where I originally found (or shall I say contracted?) the Monochrome Madness disease, check out his wonderful blog!

    –Moxie Luster


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