The Mysterious and Beautiful Smith Lake

Today I would like to share something a little personal. The area where I live, which is Smith Lake. I have lived on this lake all my life. A little secret is, although the majority of my life has been established on a large body of water, I still can not swim very well.. I know you are thinking this is impossibly insane. You are right, it isn’t very plausible, though it is true. I am slightly terrified of the lake because it is so deep, and lord knows what may be lurking under the murky depths!

The pictures are taken by me on my phone, sunsets on the lake. This lake, although frighten in my mind, is beautiful, large, and mystifying. Did I mention there is a town under there? Caught your attention? Also there are many stories of Catfish being the size of cars under the water. Do I believe such stories? No not really, although I am paranoid enough that it does make me want to swim even less in the lake. Although there are very large fish in the water, and there is a small possibility of huge Catfish, I am not diving to find out if it is true or not! Want to know more about Smith Lake? Well here is a small list of facts on the wondrous Smith Lake.

  • Smith Lake is 35 miles long and has 500 miles of shoreline.
  • The maximum depth is 264 feet. (See why I do not wish to swim in it!)
  • Smith Lake is well known for its deep, clear waters.
  • Also well known for the fishing, serving as the site for many major professional bass fishing
    tournaments. Largemouth, striped, white, and spotted bass; black and white crappie; bluegill, longear, and redear sunfish; and Flathead and channel catfish may be found in the lake.
  • The lake is also surrounded by Bankhead National Forest and Sipsey Wilderness, that provides a safe haven for many flora and fauna, including the Bald Eagle.
  • There is a town under the lake, which was flooded due to the building of Smith Lake Dam.

  • Though I always tell people that where I live is boring, it has beautiful landscape and is thick with history. Alabama seems to be slammed against because we are nothing more then “Hilly-Billy, redneck, racist, inbreed, idiots.” How rude, right!? Yes I will agree that Alabama is indeed a more “country” state, but all those other demeaning words? I think not. I digress, this is a different topic for a different day.

    If you want to know more about Falls City, which was flooded, here is a link Falls City

    Now I leave you, the readers, with your imagination as to whether the “Cat fish as large as a car” and the “Haunted Town Under Water” may or may not be true. Although the underwater haunting does sound like a rather good title for a short story..I may work on that! Becoming inspired for new writing within what you are currently writing is always interesting, hahaha.

    I leave you with another breath-taking picture of a sunset on the gorgeous lake. These pictures seem to always inspire me to write, whether it be a poem, a story, or a blog post. The astounding beauty I am surrounded by is something I used to take for granted, but I am slowly opening up my eyes to the world around me, since travel is out of the question at this point and time in my life. I have learned to take pleasure in the simplicity around me. After all, what we see every day may be something new and glorious to another.

    –Moxie Luster


    10 thoughts on “The Mysterious and Beautiful Smith Lake

    1. Catfish can get cartoonishly humongous. They may not be able to weigh as much as a car, but I can imagine one being the size of a Mini Cooper.

      Underwater haunting is an interesting idea. Possessed snapping turtles and sunfish would be quite formidable!

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