I like long walks on the beach….


It is my first post.. what to say… what to say. Do people normally just jump right in and start posting about what ever it is they created a blog for in the first place? Or.. Do they do this silly introductory thing, like “Hey my name is so-and-so, I like long walks on the beach, sand between my toes, and the smell of gas.. yes gas.. why? I have no idea but I suppose it all started when…..”

I digress, this is my first time blogging. I have been a writers cafe kind of girl for many years. If  you don’t know what that is… GOOGLE IT. No, kidding, it is a place where you can post poems, stories, short stories, ect. People can comment, give tips, yadda-yadda. But I became bored with that, and decided to try my hand at blogging.   Why Blogging?   Well, I enjoy writing, and have kept personal journals since I was in fifth grade, so I suppose I will be treating my blog as a journal.. in a way. I researched many different things about blogs before making one, and it  did take me forever to come up with a name, which I adore my name. ( I do tend to travel off topic a bit, I am like those teachers where you mention something during their lecture, and they go way of course and talk about it, succeeding in your nefarious plans to divert their attention elsewhere..)

Anyway, as I was saying, during my research this place came up a lot, but it isn’t what it used to be, sadly. I was hoping to get my hands dirty with some CSS but it seems that was taken away (boo to you devs.) But during my research I saw a lot of people bashing “Lifestyle” blogs.   Why? I am not sure. Who cares if it is about someone’s uncanny ability to craft the most gorgeous chair ever out of an old car tire? So what if they look like a super model and have a knack at converting themselves into a beauty with make-up? What does it really matter? Blogging is about expressing yourself, and if they choose to express that particular side of themselves and not all of it, who are we to judge them for it? It really lit a fire for me. I think blogging is beautiful, and bashing another’s work, is ugly. So why turn something beautiful into something ugly? I suppose we all have our opinions, but you know what they say.. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one, and some of them are just dirty!  

I suppose my blog would be considered a Lifestyle blog.. Though I am not quite sure. I am not sticking to just one theme. I am too random of a person to do such a splendid, organized, blog. I fear if I did stick to just one theme as many sites suggested I would just become bored. I love to write about many different things, so I suppose the category drop box thing-a-migger will come in handy then, will it not? Anyway, I can not wait to start blogging, but for now as I navigate the site and read many diverse blogs in this wonderful community, and  get my blog to looking how I would like it (well the best I can since they have taken away CSS from us freebies folk) this post will just have to do for now. Back to my beautiful long walk on the beach (although I do not live on the beach, the picture is from my trip to Pensacola Florida, but that adventurous story is for another day.)  

Moxie Luster–


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